Group arrangements


Bed & Breakfast La Tulipe Orange is also very suitable for group arrangements.

We have 5 spacious rooms: three big double guestrooms, one 4-persons bedroom, one very spacious 5-person rooms.

It is possible to put the double beds apart. We have a total of 15 beds in our Bed & Breakfast.

We may in consultation with you, make a suitable group arrangement.
You can think of customized evening meals with lots of carbohydrates.
A group arrangement may consist of various components. You can think of a cycling or walking holiday whereby La Tulipe Orange serves as a place to sleep and dine.

Something to organize for your company or a cozy getaway with the family, La Tulipe can help you. Consider the composition of the menu, any ideas for activities, everything is possible at La Tulipe Orange.

We like to think with our guests so therefore the possibilities are endless, if you have a good idea and you are looking for a charming accommodation or location, call or email us and we will share with you the possibilities and send you a free quote.

You can even book a stay with groups up to 30 people. We cooperate closely with a Bed & Breakfast at just 8 minute drive. Then we can accomodate the group at these two locations.

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